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Talking to a couple’s sex counselor can be the best way to begin a happy, healthy marriage. Premarital sex counseling can be extremely beneficial. You will be able to discuss your expectations and relieve some of the pressure surrounding the subject. Some topics we face when approaching marriage can be:

  • Anxiety surrounding sex
  • Thoughts on sexual compatibility
  • Embarrassment and Unease

Premarital sex counseling can help couples to have an open dialog about their positive and negative thoughts surrounding sex. We want to help you to remember that sexual interaction when married is not a burden, but a joyous expression of love. Honesty and openness before and during a marriage are some of the most beneficial rules to live by. Communication really is key!

If you or your partner are looking to speak with a caring professional about your pending sexual relationship, give our office a call today. We are here to answer your questions and help your marriage start with a strong and healthy sex life.