At Between Husband and Wife Counseling, we are here to help couples expand their sexual fulfillment within their marriage. Sexual connections between a husband and wife should be a healthy and positive experience; but sex can sometimes be hard to talk about. Seeking guidance on the subject can help couples feel more comfortable when it comes to sexual hurdles in their relationship. At Between Husband and Wife, we can help you to find fulfillment and the sexual life your relationship deserves. There are many reasons as to why couples seek sex therapy:

  • Connection issues
  • Feeling ashamed in their sexual life
  • Lack of communication during sexual intercourse
  • Jealousy
  • Parenthood
  • Sexual Dysfunctions
  • Difficulty attaining orgasms
  • Lack of sexual desire

Between Husband and Wife is here to assess and treat the emotional and psychological components of married sex life. There is no reason to let sexual issues damage your marriage. Working with our counseling team can help improve your overall sexual experience as a married couple and bring greater overall fulfillment to your relationship.

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